Nata Khokhonova

Cosmonauts str., 42
Time Machine on the balcony of a house in Yekaterinburg. What happens when you capture video from the same point with an interval of 50 years. Video from the balcony of usual house in Yekaterinburg was overlaid on the video from the family archive, filmed from the same balcony about 50 years ago. Same family that owns the video archive lives in the same fIat, only the another family generation and the city have changes, and the tram has moved from the 60's to today.

The project was exhibited in the Metenkov museum (Ekaterinburg) as a video installation, the exhibition space on the perimeter was papered with storyboards of the archived video.

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Who else
Video documentation of performance art
Luminous box, blurring the boundaries between the real and the unreal. It happens when a person goes inside. Those located outside can observe how the person dissolves in the video and becomes part of the projection, which is broadcast on two screens at once – the translucent screens have no rigid boundaries. Passing through the box, the person is caught between the two video streams, gets fully immersed in the world of moving planar objects and shadows, and becomes part of it. The inner and the outer worlds, the real and the unreal, flat and dimensional - as in life, all boundaries are relative and translucent.

Video installation was made during light art festival UNDARK16

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sound Evgenii Kormiltsev
motion Daniil Khokhonov

Time - as a condition of the possibility of change, irreversible (flowing in only one direction - from the past to the future), within which everything happens. Time inevitably binds all that exists, along the time, all phenomena, objects, circumstances are stretched. Some believe that time is a fundamental illusion. Patterns on stones are the time cast, the result of global tectonic processes of the past. "Reviving" the stones, we start moving in the other direction on the timeline, breaking its irreversibility.

Natural stone pictures + animations

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Random Music
Video documentation of performance art
Everyone builds one's picture of the world by combining the reflected fragments of reality. The picture is mobile, subjective and often accidental. Although it is customary to believe that we objectively perceive the objectively existing reality. The boundaries of the objective and accidental is the subject of the study in the RANDOM MUSIC performance. With the help of mirror surfaces, viewers were able to "catch" live video images projected on the stationary mirrors located on the ground, and to send the "caught" fragments on the wall opposite the house where everyone could watch their own unique video projection. Performance took place in the courtyard of the Composers Union during the festival of light art UNDARK15. The video shows a rehearsal of the Composers Union orchestra.

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